Sunday, January 08, 2006


I slept with my contacts in, and didn't realise it until I put my glasses on and everything was fuzzy.

I am becoming one with my couch.

Knitting projects update:

- I am making some serious progress on the baby blanket. I'm only about 10 rows away from starting the border section. I have a feeling the border may well take just as long as this part did, but at least it's a change. This blanket is like some kind of torture. it's not hard, but every row makes more stitches, meaning that every time you finish a row, the next one will take longer to complete. At this point, I have 15 sections, and I add one stitch to each section every second row. So every row is 15 stitches longer than the one before it, making the end seem further and further away, rather than closer, like that freakish math problem where to try to reach zero by dividing a number in half over and over again. Or nothing like that at all. *sob* I just want to finish this section!
- Socks. The less said the better. I put down that sock sometime in November and haven't picked it up since. I think I may just restart the thing so that I really know how to do this when I've finished, which is kind of the point of the whole thing.
- I started the Noro scarf, but may rip it back already, because I'm not clear on one part of the pattern, and I'm pretty sure that I've done different things to solve the confusion and I need to be consistent to make it look nice.
- For Dad's blanket, I pulled out the pattern, bought the needles yesterday (going to use the Denise) and I have the yarn. Yep. That's the progress. I was about to start it today when I noticed that the pattern includes cabling. Cabling is not something that I've done, or that I'm prepared to do. I have no cable stitch holder things, and I'm not sure that I want to get into that anyway. Maybe I'll look for another pattern, or maybe I'll stop being such a wimp and stop making excuses and just do it for pity's sake. We'll see.

For now, I'm going to try to figure out what I can make for dinner that uses up most of my perishables, since I'm heading out to Lexington tomorrow for three days.

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