Sunday, January 15, 2006

What is it about a sleepy, quiet Sunday afternoon that brings out the maudlin?

I get up from knitting and watching Firefly (shut up, I know I'm an eightyhundred year old geek) to get a glass of juice, and end up staring morosely out at the building opposite mine, idly peering into their living rooms and seeing no one around - because they all have people in their lives, and they're out doing things and being important and getting things done.

And I knit and watch a cancelled television show and think about nothing to put off thinking about things that will depress me.

Just tell me to shut up already and get back to knitting.

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Rachel said...

You can put off doing my homework if you like. Purposely NOT writing about cremation or organic packaged goods has wholly prevented the maudlin from sneaking into my Sunday afternoon.

Also, you are far and away not the only person I know who enjoys Firefly. :)

Oh, and because you told me to: Shut up already and get back to knitting! ;)

Also, my word verification is "ahemy". Which I think is too funny. "Don't get all ahemy on me, just spit it out!"