Friday, January 13, 2006


Finally home and knitting.

I found out today that that baby who will be the blanket owner is due in exactly one week. So I left work today intending to spend the weekend knitting like the wind. I've started the next part of the blanket pattern and found that it looks like that first part was the quickest and easiest and I really, really am worried about not getting this done in time. I'm hoping to head out to Second Cup for a goodly chunk of tomorrow and settle into one of those nice comfy armchairs, block out the world with my mp3 player, and overdose on coffee.

So much for my health kick. Maybe I can periodically run around the block.

I did stop briefly for some groceries on the way home. As I was leaving with my food, I realised that my groceries are so healthy relative to my usual purchases that it's sickening. Veggies and soup and fish and oh, my ick. So I guess I'm doing alright on that front. Now I just have to get back to an energy level that will let me even contemplate exercising. I think my trip to Lexington sucked all the life out of me. I've got to wonder if it was the brainwashing, the airports, or the country itself. Now I'm not making sense.

Okay, back to the grindstone - I may end up tying the needles to my hands so I can just keep going.

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Rachel said...

You're definitely not the only one who's felt like this week has sucked the life (and for some, even the will to live) out of them. But nobody knows what to blame it on. Maybe Pamie's got something going there, with that Venus in Retrograde stuff.

But congrats on the healthy groceries! Good luck with the blanket. And welcome back from Kentucky. Here, if someone's talking about automatics, it's generally a car's transmission. Thank God.