Saturday, January 07, 2006

Fun Things

You know what's a good thing to do when you're struggling with financial decisions, and trying to make good choices for your future, and trying to recover from an over-generous Christmas? Going out 7 days into the new year, and spending too much money AGAIN. Yep. I did. But I can't feel bad. Look at the beautiful things I got.

I finally went to Village Yarns, in Etobicoke, and it was as I'd feared - there were so many gorgeous and fun things and I wanted it all. But there was so much there that I couldn't even begin to decide, which was good - it kept at least some money in the wallet.

First off, a set of Denise interchangeable needles, which I've had my eye on for weeks now, and have heard so many people praise up the yinyang. And they look so fun, I'm really looking forward to starting the project I have in mind that'll need them. And there is some justification to the purchase, of course. I right now need one more size of circular needle, and that'll continue forever, and so this just gives me them all at once. Right? That's a good reason. Right?

Now, the other thing requires a bit of a story. I know I mentioned a funky, beaded red purse that I got for Christmas. It is beautiful, and gaudy, and I almost don't feel like I'm funky enough to wear it, despite my love for it. It's decadent and bohemian and I'm more of a casual/preppy frump gal. (In my head that makes sense.)

I decided to bring it with me today, but as I put on my sheepskin-look coat and the long, orange/rust/brown scarf that I love to bits, I realised that the styles - they do not match. Didn't stop me, but made me think that I maybe should look at wearing a different scarf with it. The red drop stitch scarf I made was just completely the wrong red, so it was out. While shopping, I decided to look for a yarn appropriate for this bag. And I found this. It's wonderful, and so colourful, and it was a lot more expensive than most of the cheap yarns I buy, but it's Noro, and it's silk (partly) and now I have to find a wonderful pattern I can use it in.

And, before I forget, here's that red drop stitch scarf, which was so fast to make and so gratifying because of that. All praise the drop stitch!

And pay no attention to the cat hair on the rug - I'll vacuum tomorrow. Really.

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Rachel said...

Pretty scarf!

I've never said this about yarn before, but that Noro stuff is beautiful! I can't wait to see the scarf you make.

And the purse is so very fun!