Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder


How about a really pretty FO to make up for the time away? Something... lacy? Soft? Maybe a little... seasilk?

Okay then - I present the Shetland Triangle, from Wrap Style, pattern by Evelyn Clark.

This was a surprisingly quick and easy knit, and the perfect use for the single skein of seasilk that I won from a contest on Kirsty's blog last year.

Thanks to great notes on purlparable's Shetland Triangle project in Ravelry, I knew I'd likely get 11 pattern repeats out of the skein. And I was left with only a few metres of yarn at the end, so it worked out just perfectly. Not to the point where I was panicking that I'd run out before finishing the edging, but not with so much left over that I felt like I'd wasted any of the precious, precious seasilk.
The lace pattern was easy to internalize, and turned out very, very pretty.

Seasilk Shetland Triangle 3

The yarn has a lovely sheen to it, and it was just so wonderful to knit with.

This started out as a project for me, but when I saw how beautifully it turned out, I thought it should be a gift. This declaration was met with such severe scolding from my knitting group that I "reluctantly" acquiesced, and I've been enjoying wearing this on these many cool spring days.

Seasilk Shetland Triangle

It was fun to wear to the Knitter's Frolic. It seemed everyone jumped on the opportunity to show off their beautiful work to people who would appreciate it, and I almost wished for a 'show and tell' session, where I could see everything more closely, and it all could be probably admired.