Friday, October 29, 2004

So today I went to Toronto.

Very exciting. I'm becoming very close to the warehouse supervisor there. But today wasn't so bad. The drive there was actually quite nice, with the ponds and the trees all multi-hued rust tones. I just will never get used to Toronto traffic, once you're off the 407. Ugh.

But finally I'm home, and I can relax for an evening. Then tomorrow I really have to get stuck into my coursework. I'm very much looking forward to my boss coming back from his parental leave now - maybe I can leave on time a few days in a row. Well, actually - now that I think of it, he keeps me there late more than I keep myself there late. Ah, well.

The headhunter is still relentlessly trying to get me down to Tilsonburg for an interview. I'm just not that excited about it, and I can't imagine the manager down there is just biting his nails, hoping I can make it down so that he can offer me a $70,000 job and pay for me to move. Really. Tilsonburg.

Time for me to go get out of these disgusting clothes. My pants are crusted with dried soup, and my shirt is liberally engrained with dust and grime from the warehouse. I just feel dirty. Yay for lazy Friday nights!