Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My First Knitter's Frolic

Frolic Yarn Mosaic

Overall, the damage wasn't too bad. Especially considering the total sensory overload I experienced when I walked into the building and saw more yarn, and more knitters in one place than I'd ever seen in real life.

I went in with cash, weakly resolving not to pull out any kind of plastic. That did last until the very end, when people were starting to pack things up, and a fellow customer convinced me to take both of the colours I was waffling between. The wonderful and evil woman didn't even try. She's good.

I was hoping to pick up a nice bag - ideally one of those fancy pants bags that works as a purse and a knitting bag. And there were some of those in evidence, but none that I fell in love with, so that's been left as a "someday" shopping goal. Which is probably good, considering my credit cards at the moment. I'm also lucky in that I am currently waiting for a Knitpicks order, that will fulfill many of my current project needs.

I do have moments when I regret not grabbing some of that fabulous colourway of Socks that Rock from Lettuce Knit, or picking up one of those amazing skeins of laceweight silk that was such an unbelievable deal.

Frolic Notions Mosaic

But I got lots of fun new things to play with, and even a belated birthday present in the latest Yarn Harlot book. (Thanks, Jen!)

This will definitely be a must-see next year.

Monday, April 28, 2008

The Short Life of a Cute Cookie

My coworker is pregnant.

I found a ridiculously cute pregnant-lady cookie when visiting the Queen of Tarts a couple of weeks ago. I presented the cookie the next day.
Poor Cookie

Now, this is a friend who absolutely hates to use the dishcloths I knit for her, because she doesn't want them to get dirty. I figured the cookie would never get to achieve its cookie destiny, and would instead be kept on a shelf and admired as a cute memento.
Cookie Profile

I did not account for pregnancy hunger. Twenty minutes after gifting the cookie, I was informed that it was not long for this world, and if I wanted pictures, I'd better come running with my camera.
The carnage was somewhat disturbing. I think I got an arm.
cookie torso

Next up will be pics of my (relatively minor, I must admit) Knitter's Frolic haul.