Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Longing for the net

Ah, poor me. I hear the windows start up sound, and my heart jumps a little bit in anticipation of email and messenger and the forums, but then – alas! I remember that I do not have my vital link to the outside world. I suppose I can likely survive one more evening. By this time tomorrow, barring any major flight disasters (now I’m going to die) I’ll be crouched at my computer desk, sucking up the internet like a thirsty plant getting watered for the first time in weeks.

Oh, yeah. I meant to water the plants before I left.

In any case, today was a typical day of training. Numb butt from sitting too long, everyone getting a little bit high off marker fumes, powerpoint out the wazoo.

Dinner was a bit of a low, I have to say. We’re definitely not in Kansas, Toto. Well, I guess we could be, but it sure as heck ain’t Canada. I knew as soon as I sat down at the dinner table of 22 people that I’d chosen my seat poorly. I was surrounded by discussions of
(1) College basketball
(2) Movies I haven’t seen yet, and
(3) Guns that people own and carry.
Now, you’d be hard pressed to find a sport I care less and know less about than college basketball. Maybe cricket. As for movies I haven’t seen, if only there were spoiler tags in real life. And guns? What the heck? Is this just Kentucky, or do all Americans regularly discuss whether it’s better to have an automatic or whatever isn’t an automatic? It was all foreign to me, in any case, if a bit disturbing. (Concealed carry? What?) My seat mate almost guffawed when I explained the major election issue of the guns and violence problems in Toronto that resulted in over 50 gun deaths last year. Yeah, I was the only Canuck here.

But the food was great, and we went for ice cream afterward, which was also great. Eating healthy? Maybe tomorrow, but not likely, considering the travelling once again.

At this point, I’m just looking with longing toward my enormous king size bed with the lovely deep and high pillows.

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