Monday, January 09, 2006

Death Knell

So that blanket. That blanket that I was moaning about how long it was taking to get past the first part, and how I'd made tonnes and tonnes of progress on it after gluing myself to my couch and working on it all weekend. That blanket that has some kind of mystical powers ensuring that it'll never get done. Yeah - that one.

As I was falling asleep I was thinking about it (it's that bad!) and doing some math (yes - that bad) and I realised that I screwed it up. And not recently, like 10 rows back or anything. Nope. Right at the beginning. My fifteen sections should never have been - or at least seven or them shouldn't have. There are only supposed to be eight sections, and my fifteen will look stupid, and the blanket that's supposed to be a nice little circle is going to wrap around itself probably twice, and possibly three times, because it's magic and evil.

So this morning, I was telling someone at work the story, and before I could stop myself, or convince myself that I didn't need to do it, as I talked, I pulled the evil blanket off the needles. Again. It's a ball of panic-inducing knitted yarn now, sitting in my knitting tote, waiting for me to start frogging and winding. Again.

Now I'm starting to have second thoughts about giving this Blanket of Evil to an infant. Will this cause detrimental effects, being in the little one's bed? Will it maybe somehow steal stealthily out between the bars of the crib and somehow ruin the household? Of course, this is assuming that I even get it finished, and, due to its evil powers of eternitude, that is by no means certain.

I have two flights today, and a brief layover in Cincinnati. I'm not even sure I'll get it all wound in that time, but goshdarn it, I'm gonna try.

Here's to hoping that the evil powers don't expand their boundaries and set new goals and somehow kill me before I can get back from Lexington. I still have to use that Noro.

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