Sunday, January 01, 2006

A New Year - Meh

Sitting at my desk and looking out the balcony doors, all I can see is a little patch of sky and other apartment buildings. Not the kind of place I ever wanted to live in. If I'd been thinking more about the view when choosing an apartment, I don't think I would have ended up here.

But today it's kind of nice - everything with a little sprinkling of snow dust, hazy with the fog and snow still hanging in the air, cool air coming off the glass and flowing like water into the living room and pooling at my feet. Seeing all the windows outside my own, and wondering what kind of living is happening inside. Is everyone being lazy like me today? Sitting in a half-daze, thinking thoughts and sometimes thinking of nothing at all? Or are other people moving around, getting things done, gearing up for a New Year of possibilities and action?

Maybe tomorrow. Definitely not today. I'll be lucky if I manage to get out of my PJs today. I might take the time to contemplate another year past, and to think about what I want from the year just beginning.

Or maybe I'll watch another movie. Happy New Year!


Rachel said...

I am very jealous of your balcony. My old roommate and I once wrote a poem about how much we wanted a balcony. Of course, we then ended up at a place with two porches and a backyard that we never used. But it wasn't a balcony, dammit! :)

Happy New Year! Did you watch another movie?

Kirst said...

Happy New Year! I ended up getting into a serious season one Veronica Mars marathon. I think I'm on episode seven.

Staring the new year right.