Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Look Who's Stalking

The woman at work who decided that I am Shady continues to provide us with amusement and consternation. Her conversational skills may as well be interrogation tactics, in that they hit you like a snowball in the face, leaving you confused and directionless.

Some recent conversations: (see if you can pick out the hard left turn)

"So I went to Subway to pick up our dinner one night and ran into our pizza guy! I felt so guilty I tried to pretend I didn't see him."
"Ha! Did he recognise you?"
"Was he getting a sub?"
"What do you like on your pizzas?"

"It looks like this thing's going to go pretty late this afternoon. I think it's going to be quite busy over there."
"That's too bad - I hope things go well."
"Do you like Starbucks?"

"I live about twenty minutes away from work. The commute's not too bad."
"Yeah, that's not bad - the QEW can be brutal."
"Hm. What is your last name?"

"They're planning to repaint the walls and put down new carpet."
"Hm. Who is the most senior person here?"

We've started trying to anticipate the kinds of questions we'll get in upcoming conversations.

"We met people from Company A and they offered to help us with that problem."
"Hm. What colour were their shoes?"

We're trying to decide if this makes her a wee bit um... eccentric, or whether she is in fact gathering information about us for some nefarious scheme.

Wouldn't be the first.

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