Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Movies and Bears and Iced Tea

This summer, I had a goal of watching as many movies as possible, in an attempt to catch up with popular culture and try to keep my trivia muscles from withering. I have been meaning to do a summary of final tally for some time.

My mission began at the end of May, when tv went away for the summer, and ended when tv came back, some time after September the tenth. The final tally? 53 movies. You can find the whole list there in that link back to my June 5th post, which I updated each time I saw a movie that was new to me.

This was a pretty good way to spend the summer. I saw the movies that I should have seen a long time ago, like Steel Magnolias, and ones that maybe no one should see, like Sky High. I saw movies that disturbed me and kept me up at night, like Monster, and movies that left me feeling warm and fuzzy, like In Her Shoes. I laughed, I cried, I killed some remote batteries.

Oh, and before I forget, by request - the bear. He wasn't dressed up today, but was helpfully holding offering an empty iced tea bottle to passersby.

I have to apologise for the fuzzy, left-handed, drive-by shot. But, hey - consider the hooded buddy a bonus.

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Rachel said...

Yay, the bear! Thanks, dude!