Thursday, November 02, 2006

You Can Smell The Evil

The other night, I was watching Robot Chicken. Now, this is one of those shows that I happen to come across while clicking around, delaying getting off the couch to finally head to bed. And, the first time I saw it, the reaction was basically one of, "Well. That's pretty weird. Maybe too weird for me." And I promptly set about forgetting it existed.

But then there came along another night of bed-delaying, and, since TeleToon is one of my primary sources for this delaying, I inevitably saw it again. It grew on me.

It's a very funny show. And it fits in perfectly as a show to watch just before heading to bed - it's on at 10, and is only about 10 minutes long. So I can watch the whole thing without feeling guilty about staying up later than I meant to. The only danger is getting sucked into Aqua Teen Hunger Force, which comes on just after. But, conveniently, there's a five minute gap, filled with commercials, that provides a good safety buffer.

ANYWAY. The other night, this was part of the show.

Considering my childhood fears of Cabbage Patch Kids, this was not a great thing to watch just before heading to bed.


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