Sunday, November 19, 2006

Fair November Weekend

As always, Fair November weekend was a good weekend.

It all began Friday night, when Jodi came to meet me for dinner in Burlington. We had originally intended to go to Jack Astor's in Ancaster, but a big accident on the 403 made that seem like a really bad idea, so we changed our plans and met up at Milestone's. It was great seeing Jodi and getting a chance to catch up, even if it was just a flying visit. And Jodi liked the presentation of our garlic-heavy appetizer that she wanted a digital record of it.

It was very yummy. I regretted the copious amounts of garlic later, but that's another story. And that's the end of that story.

The next morning, Rosalie, Marissa and Jen met me at Ikea in Burlington, and we headed down to Fair November in Guelph, for our annual pilgrimage for crafts and campus memories.

It was as we were hopping out of the car that I noticed my wardrobe malfunction. One of the buttons on my (new!) shirt had come off, leaving me with a very inconvenient gap, where no gap can be. Marissa and I struggled with the remaining thread, and ended up with a somewhat successful, if precarious, solution, that relied heavily on the placement of my purse strap.

We headed into the fair, and stashed our coats in an out-of-the-way desk drawer when we discovered that the coat check wasn't around this year. When we came to a knitwear booth for A B Originals Designs, Marissa noticed some buttons for sale and made a joke about how I should have the lady at the booth sew my button on for me. She overheard, and ... did. While it was a bit awkward standing in a busy public fair while a woman I don't know sewed a button on my shirt while I was still wearing it, she was a real lifesaver. I'm only sorry I didn't introduce myself - I tink I was just feeling too awkward. But she's going to be at the One of a Kind Show next weekend, so if you're headed out, you should definitely include her booth - A34. She's great. And has a sewing kit. And is great with buttons.

We made sure to make our usual stop at the chocolate covered fruit-on-a-stick booth. (so good) Then headed back to Burlingon to Ikea. By this point, we were kind of running low on energy, so we particularly enjoyed the furniture displays.

Comfy chairs.

Finally, we headed out to dinner. At... Milestone's. Again. But it was good.

Especially the Bellinis.

Today was mainly recovery. After a morning at the gym, learning what all the machines do and how they can hurt me in many different ways, that is.

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