Thursday, November 09, 2006

Glorious Food

I love it when I come home and my crock pot has cooked dinner for me.
By some trick of air movement, I could smell the roast, rich with onions and garlic, as I climbed the stairs up to my apartment. Every time I use the slow cooker, I wonder why I don't pull it out and use it more often.

Part of it's probably my horrible cooking preparation abilities. I need to start planning meals in advance, to the point where I can pick up all the things I'll need during my weekly grocery trip. It's when I'm poorly prepared that I end up eating macaroni and cheese more than once a week, or succumbing to the temptation of the drawer full of take out menus. The people who developed the internet ordering for Pizza Pizza and Swiss Chalet had me in mind. A few clicks, and someone brings you chicken? Brilliant!

And the slow cooker dinner is perfect for Thursday nights, when my hectic television watching schedule reaches its weekly peak. Before work this morning, I stuck the roast in the bottom, covered it with sliced potatoes and onions, added some garlic, pepper, some onion soup mix, and a little bit of water. The roast turned out pretty good, too. Better than the insta-meal I more often fall back on.
Today was a good food day overall, really. We made up a shrimp and vermicelli dish for lunch at work (love working in a place with test kitchens) and ended the day with a mini-doughnut throwing contest, into the garbage can across the room.
Food isn't always just for eating.

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