Thursday, November 16, 2006

Avert Your Eyes From the Self Pity

Why is there so much sadness all around right now? Even the sky weeps today with torrents of rain. My morning ritual of blog-stalking and my discussion group alike are filled with sadness and bad news - sickness and death and mourning. And yet the little things that mean living, and working and moving through life continue to happen and that just seems unfair.

I know that the situation right now isn't as horrible as it could be - and yet it kind of is, because of all the possibilities it holds.

So many times in my life - particularly when I'm going through something that is hard for me to take - I feel like I have no right to burden people around me with the knowledge that I am not doing okay. Not today. Too often, I laugh off my worry, my confusion, my hurt, to prove that I am strong and above this and don't need to have other people help me, because, all too often, I feel like there is no one there with whom I have a close enough relationship to ask that sort of thing of them. Juno's entry today today made me think about all this again, and she says it all so much more eloquently than I can, and without the heavy sad thing that's happening here. So go there.

I promise to have something less self-pitiful here soon. Sorry.

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