Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sunday Finals

For the (probably) last time, here I present final pictures of my completed Knitting Olympics project - the Noro scarf in a fishtail pattern.

I do really like how it's turned out. And it's light enough that I can wear it inside, too, as an accessory, which I've done a couple of times now. I've been wearing this quite a lot, to tell the truth. My dream is that someone I don't know, somewhere will stop me to tell me how beautiful it is and where did I get it. I know that this won't happen, because everybody these days wears gorgeous scarves, so mine really isn't anything out of the ordinary. But I did come close today, to that dream. When I was at the counter in Lewiscraft, the clerk reached out to my scarf and asked what kind of yarn it was, and how beautiful it is (the yarn) and how much she loves Noro. It's close to gushing over the scarf itself, so I'll take it.

And now more pictures.

These were taken on my oh-so-picturesque balcony of concrete.

But the trip out today wasn't just to display the scarf (although that may have been enough to keep me happy). I also made a stop at Lush, and picked up some fun bath stuff that I plan to bring on my next hotel stay. I love using a bath tub that gets cleaned every day, as opposed to my own, that get cleaned... um. Yep, it gets cleaned.

I love the Lush stuff - it's so pink and pretty and smells so yummy.

Then it was off to Lewiscraft, where I encountered the wonderful Noro-wise sales clerk,

and greatly expanded my stash with much yarn that I have no idea what to

do with. But I really like the bright orange, fluffy stuff. That may end up yet another scarf, unless I can think of something else fun.

And, finally, I picked up a little something for Sebastian.



Rachel said...

Hee! I heart Sebastian.

And the scarf looks great! I can't wait to see it in person (That makes it sound like it's some super-important artifact from history. Perhaps we should make up a story about it).

Oh Lush. That place is like crack.

Sabrina said...

I love the scarf. I wish I had that talent. I have one that I started about 6 years ago and I have yet to finish it. I'm not even sure where it is now. I have such craft procrastination.

And hee to Sebastian. The suitcases always remain out for the kitties. They love them. Perhaps we can send them all on a trip together somewhere.

Kirst said...

Hee. Now I'm picturing some kind of kitty resort. Lots of pillows, milk, tuna and small, flightless birds. I imagine the recreation times would be a bit gruesome, however.

And you're not alone in the craft procrastination - I have my closet of craft shame stuffed with cross-stitch, scrapbooks, and latch hook rugs.

karate said...

Pretty scarf!! I really need to put more effort into my knitting - I was on a role for a while and have totally slacked off for the past couple of months. Plus, the fact that I ONLY know how to knit, not purl? And knitting = yawwwwwn right now.

Sabrina said...

Hee. Love the kitty resort idea. So cute.

Erin said...

The scarf is so pretty! Love how it turned out!