Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cosmetic Review

I can't find the post, but a while back in the forums, someone was asking about e.l.f. cosmetics. It caught my interest, because I am pretty frugal (read: cheap) and the items are all only $1 each. So I ended up ordering a bunch of things to try out, and thought I'd pass on my thoughts, for what they're worth.

The eyeshadows- the pallettes are a little small, but I like the powders themselves - nice colours, blend easily, and have a little bit of shine to them, without being tacky-glittery.

The lip balm - nice enough, I like the feel, but the scent is a little off. Not unpleasant, but not quite the 'vanilla cream' promised.

The lip gloss - not bad, but kind of sticky on the lips (catches my hair, which is just ick) and the scent is far, far from whatever it's supposed to be - it's more like cough syrup.

The mascara- don't bother. It's a neat idea, with the two kinds in one tube, but the regular takes forever to dry, so blinking is verboten for several minutes. And the waterproof kept flaking all day, leaving me with the need to run to the washroom every half hour to wipe up the little teeny black chunks of colour under my eyes.

The eyeliner - I like. Runs a little bit, but no more than any others I've tried. And it has a bit of shine to it, which is nice.

So there are my thoughts. Take them for what they're worth, keeping in mind that I wear only eyeshadow and mascara most days, and have never ventured into the realm of products costing over $10.

In summary:
1) They're very inexpensive, which is very good. Each item is only $1, and shipping is a flat fee of $7 - that's to Canada. It's only $5 to the States.
2) And they're a decent value and quality for that price, overall. I'll probably get a few other people who might want to stock up and we can all go in on one order, later. (read: when I need more stuff)
3) Shopping on the internet is fun. Getting packages is fun. Playing with new makeup is fun.

In other news, tomorrow I am off to Windsor (or Saturday morning if I am lazy, and I probably am). So tonight I have to decide which knitting projects have to come with me. The Noro scarf is a definite, as it's my Olympic project. I'm thinking basic dishcloth easies for breaks will be good.

Until then, here's hoping for some birthday present inspiration! (and funding)

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