Friday, February 10, 2006

Olympic observations

The Australian team is carrying little yellow stuffed kangaroos.

The Austrian team is wearing these hats that make it look like everyone has spiky black hair sticking out the top of a visor.

The Belgian flag bearer is hawt.

What? Bermuda - is... here. (Bermuda?)

Yay! Canada just came in! And they're looking... pretty goofy. Boo to the Bay outfits - bring back Roots! No one is going to be buying these silly, silly hats. And the coats look like winter weight lab coats or something.

Okay - the Danes look kind of silly, too, with their little ear covers. I feel better.

Ethiopia? Oh, that's sad - there's just one guy here! There are a couple of 'team officials' walking with him so it's not just him carrying the flag all by himself. Maybe he can hang out with the Bermuda team - they're a pretty small team, too.

The German women have the coolest hats! They look like they have bright orange and green braids hanging down beside their faces. I want one of those hats.

Oh - another lonely, lonely athlete. From Kenya this time.

I should be knitting. K - getting back to knitting. Oh, and if you're interested in a 'real' recap of the opening ceremonies (complete with a wee bit of snark, check this out)

Just some observations.


Rachel said...

I saw a guy (like, a grown up, over-30, man) wearing one of those Canada hats on the bus last night.

Still can't decide if I want one. Because if you can't look like a total dork in winter outerwear, when can you?

Kirst said...

I have to agree - they are goofy in a cute way, and I do kind of like them - they're growing on me. But I think I'll stick to my knitted hats - for this winter, anyway. Now if I could get one of those cute orange and green German hats, I might be tempted...