Friday, February 17, 2006


Yay! Today the magic knitting gnomes worked in my favour. A package full of all my knitting goods travelled from Windsor to Toronto in well under 24 hours, sent through Canada Post. This is nothing short of a true miracle, especially considering my Mail Curse. (see my mad Paint skillz?)

For three years in a row, I tried to send presents to my friend Jen in Calgary - little packages, big packages, Christmas packages. And none of them made it. So sad. The worst was the first one. Jen had told me that she was missing the Ontario falls, full of reds and oranges and apple picking and pumpkins. Not so much of that in an Alberta fall. So I put together a little box, full of leaves and fresh picked apples and cookies and pictures of our colours and leaves and us apple picking. And it disappeared, never to be seen again. I hope whoever took it choked on the cookies.

After the first package, I learned to insure them. So at least I ended up with a bit of money back about a month after sending the package. But it was still maddening. Things she sent me got to me, so some evil appeared to be happening only in a westward direction. Then a package coming to me from eBay was lost, and the curse seemed to be spreading. This past Christmas, we had a scare when we thought I'd used an old address, but things turned out okay, so the curse may be broken. And today's package may be confirmation.

At the very least, the package is my salvation - I had no idea what I was going to do with no sticks and string to occupy my little fingers while I watch copious amounts of television.

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Rachel said...

Crazy mail curse! That's so evil.

However, your mad paint skillz make you look like you could work for the CIA. They're big on redacting!