Wednesday, March 01, 2006

My Gold Medal

To fight all of the frustrations and sadnesses and all the bad in my little world today, I have my very own gold medal to show my triumph over yarn, compliments of Franklin, via Steph.

My favourite finals thoughts on the Knitting Olympics came from JenLa, complete with the description of the detritus floating about the remains of the Knitting Olympic village. Ah, the mental image of a whole village full of us loonies.

I really enjoyed this challenge - my one regret was in that I underestimated my own abilities, and finished way early. I guess I'm a bit better than I give myself credit for. Not that I'm about to start trying to knit a sweater or anything, but maybe I'll try for that sock again.

Another favourite moment was last night in my discussion group, when I sheepishly mentioned that I had been in the KO, and Christine said, "Hey! I read about that in the paper! You were in that?" My public.


Rachel said...

Congratulations! Oh, how the Canadian women have kicked ass!

I raise my glass and wear my dorky Canada hat proudly in honour of you and your super pretty scarf!

Sabrina said...

And now I have a super dorky picture of Rachel in my head.