Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sticks and String and Pencils

Yes, it's been a while. But I have an excuse! I have a plethora of excuses, in fact. I was in Windsor, then I was in Toledo (without internet access - woe was me!), then I was back in Windsor, and after that, um, well, I've been tired and lazy and too busy catching up on everyone else's blogs and the forum and well, I guess there was some actual work in there, too. Somewhere. I'm sure there was.
And I've started a new knitting project that I'm pretty excited about. So every spare moment at home is spent on the couch with my pattern in my lap and the needles in my hands, little baggie full of stitch markers at my side. I never thought I would, but I've been sucked into the clapotis. Oh, for a better name. It really does sound like a disease. Or at the very least a Condition. One you don't talk about in public. But, it is pretty, and it's going pretty well so far. I restarted about four times, but haven't had to go back since then. (Touch wood! Now! I mean it!) I'm in the third section now, which is the straight section. It's also the section where you have to start deliberately dropping stitches and doing mysterious things to the strands hanging between the survivors. I was struck with terror at that point (I'm still such a newbie) and refused to go any further before checking on the Clapotis support group website for someone else freaking out about the same thing. I did manage to find someone else like me, clinging to the needles, project slung apparently haphazardly between them (but in actuality held in a death grip), trailing the ball and juggling markers while trying to do a web search while kicking the cat away from the yarn. I'm sure I'm not alone. So I did it, and it laddered down the way it's supposed to (I think) and all is well. I don't have any pictures yet of the straight section, but here's one of the increase section, taken while I was in Toledo.

Of course, I'm way too cheap (and broke) to splurge on the Lorna's Laces the pattern calls for ($30 a skein, and you need three or four of them), so I'm using an apple green and hot pink mercerized cotton that seems to be about the same weight, if not quite as beautiful and luxuriant. I love the colours, but I can already tell that this is going to be another thing that I and only I love. Like the time I painted my kitchen a vivid green, somewhere between apple and acid. I loved it. Most other people (with the sole exception of Jodi, love her) walked in and said, "Oh. You painted the kitchen. It certainly looks... fresh..."

I love that this is in spring colours, though. And it's the kind of thing I'll want to wear when it's just a little too chilly to go without a jacket, but I don't want to start layering up. So if things continue to go well (wood! now!) then it should be finished in time for just that purpose. Also assuming that the weather doesn't become freakishly warm suddenly in the next couple of days. And it might. Weird winter.

In other knitting news, I'm still plugging away at my afghan - well, maybe that's not entirely true. The afghan is sitting near the top of the big basket by the couch. As long as it stays somewhat near the top, like a recent archaelogical layer, it has a chance of being finished. A big, lumpy blanket just doesn't have the appeal of a springy, bright shawl-type thing right now, though. It's lovely to work on when it's cold in the apartment, I have to admit. It's strange and at the same time rewarding to hae the blanket that is keeping me warm growing right from my needles, covering more and more of me.

I want to try my hand at socks again, so I'm keeping the dpns handy. I also want to do another baby blanket, for my friends who are expecting some time this year. I'm out of touch with them, so I don't know exactly when. At this point, it's an excuse for knitting another one of those gorgeous blankets, and I'll jump on that. My cousin is also expecting this year, but my mum's already doing a blanket, so I may have to enter the realm of - gulp - wearables. I hope this kid is shaped funny, because the jacket or booties probably will be, too.

Coming soon to this blog - an educational piece concerning the southernmost point of Canada, and how it's not quite so southern these days.

But first, one more for Erin. My friend Deena came through with the wacky writing utensils once more. I present: The Pencil from Cuba.

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Erin said...

I love how the pencil looks like it's looking at something cool in the distance.