Friday, March 10, 2006

Can You Tell It's Friday?

I have to go into my Cone of Silence.

I only call it that because I like the sound of it. It is a totally inappropriate name, however, as there is neither a cone nor silence involved. I find that when I am having trouble concentrating, the best remedy is a set of headphones. Funny how this happens so often on a Friday. Huh.

Today, I have a big project to get done. And it has to get done today. Before the end of the day. And it's long and kind of complicated. And I already did it once, and did a kind of poor job of it, so I'm redoing it with improved understanding and direction. And.... I can't concentrate on it. Of course. My train of thought:

Okay, so I'll move this paragraph over here. Hmm. But now I have this information repeated, and it's not quite what I want. How should I do this?

Oh, I'm going to be in Toledo next week. I should check the weather there so I know what to bring. Oh - warm at the beginning, cold later. Hm. Lots of packing, then.

Right, back to work. Maybe I should look at the table of contents to see...

I wonder what's going on in the forum. Oh. Nothing. Well, are there any new TWOP recaps up? Nope.

Hey, I should be working. Oh, but first I should get another coffee. Hey, I haven't gone to say hi to Jen yet. I'll do that now.

Okay! Back to work. Oh, hang on, I'm going to be in Windsor this weekend and the next. I should check the weather there. Oh, yeah - it's only an hour from Toledo, so it's pretty much the same. Huh. While I'm here, I should check the Toronto weather. Interesting.

Work, work, work. Oh, I have to put in that person's contact information, so I'll get that list out - oh, look - there's that knitting manual I meant to photocopy. I should do that now.

That's better. Now I can bring it with me.

I won't continue. It's less a 'train' of thought than it is a crazy ball let loose in a paint mixer. So now, before I get caught up in anything else, I'm going to be a good little worker and enter the Cone. Winamp, take me away.

Well, first I'm going to check my mailbox.


karate said...

That is TOTALLY how I am on Fridays. Well, actually, most days. I mean, don't get me wrong, there are things that I could be doing at work? But none of them seem very interesting. Or rewarding.

So my train of thought derails 8 million times a day.

Erin said...

You're going to be a bit - uh - surprised when you get around to checking your email. Hee.