Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Forced Contentment is Still Contentment

I am actually happy today to have a big project and a looming deadline. I am going to give it my all, but I'm not sure I can get it completed today.

So, of course, I'm blogging. What else?

Ah, the fine art of procrastination. It's not even that I have anything specific I wanted to explore. Things are just pretty good right now. I had a good weekend, more social than usual, I have a big (if boring) knitting project on the go, and a couple I plan to start up, work is going alright, I have a trip next week, but arrangements with the kitty are all good, the sun is shining, spring is on its way, and I am busy at work. I have plenty to be unhappy about, but I choose to ignore those today and be as happy as I can be.

Some random pictures, because I have them:

First off, this one's for Erin. Another pen to use when I am feeling down. I love the way the little legs dangle and twist.

Deena usually picks me up something whenever she goes away, and I've deduced from these gifts that airport gift shops are the best place to buy funky pens. I am not so much with the buying of gifts, partly because I'm away so often, and partly because I never think of it (bad friend? maybe.)

Next up, we have Ed the Sock III, spotted during Sunday's Queen St W wanderings with Rachel. Ah, the heady rush of celebrity.

And finally, a gratuitous cat picture.

At first, the playing with the tap and the water seemed like an innocent diversion. But now, Sebastian is developing some kind of weird fixation on the drain, staring down into the dark depths until an errant drop hits his head. It makes me wonder what's down there...

Happy Hump Day!


Rachel said...

Yay, random pictures!

I bow to Ed the Sock.

Aww, Sebastian.

I apologize for having nothing remotely intelligent or witty to say. My brain is mush.

Erin said...

Darn you Canadians and your cool, fabulous pens!