Thursday, November 03, 2005

Spider thoughts

Okay. There's a big, creepy-looking spider roaming the wall above my desk. Now, I had the option of squishing hime when he was within reach, but now that would involve hopping up on the desk and balancing precariously in the doorway. So now I am left watching him obsessively, in case he comes too close to me, or hides somewhere from which place he can later jump out at me unexpectedly. Ack! He comes closer! Something must be done...

It is done.

So why did this inspire a blog entry? Well, first off - this blog is never that interesting, so it's not like I wait for some kind of divine literary inspiration to click that little button. Second, I'm writing up a poor audit, which I always find to be a difficult and demoralizing task, that must be interrupted repeatedly (and my usual distraction isn't here today). And third, (here's a roundabout item); watching the spider made my head itchy (as watching bugs do anything generally does) and when I went to scratch my head, I hit the bump created there yesterday by the car trunk, so I thought I'd share that (yes, equally uninteresting) story in a series of others involving my recent varied travels.

Flew to Winnipeg on Monday. Uneventful flight, but I did make one exciting (for me) discovery - while I am unable to read, write, or even think hard while flying without having to double-check for that nasty air-sickness bag, I have discovered that I am able to - KNIT!! I warned you it was only exciting to me. So I spent the entire flight knitting. Which would have been fine and all, but I was stuck in a middle seat, between two well-sized gentlemen. And I had my longest needles with me (of course). So I was trying to knit with my arms straight out in front of me, my elbows tucked in at my sides, and the needles lying alongside my forearms. Try it - it's not easy or comfortable. But I was determined, and I'm pretty sure I never whacked either of them. I did get one small dishcloth completed, and a second started, tearing the yarn with my teeth, as I was of course without sewing scissors on the plane. (Never mind my 12" metal needles - they're allowed).

Winnipeg I've already spoken of, in my wine-hazed stupor. Man, I slept well that night. I should drink half a bottle of wine more often. Or not. I was almost late the next morning just because I had flung everything everywhere before bed, instead of getting it all ready for the morning rush the night before, like I usually try to do in hotel rooms. The audit there went well, and the flight from there to Saskatoon was again uneventful - and I had no seat-mate, which was super. I was able to use my elbows as they were made to be used.

Saskatoon had a bit of an unpleasant surprise for us. We woke Wednesday morning to wet, slushy snow. It wasn't too cold - I was warm enough with my fall jacket and my nice warm, ridiculously long scarf (man, I love that scarf). Despite the weather,the day was going well enough until...

We were both getting our things our things out of the car trunk. We had both pulled out our bags, and I said 'Just a sec', as I reached back in for my shoes. Guess I didn't say it loudly enough. The trunk lid came down squarely on the side of my head. It must have looked comical from a distance, but it hurt so much. I wanted to just stop and sit down and cry. And I think I must have flung my arm up in defensive reflex, because I have a really big, lumpy bruise on my forearm, but I didn't notice that until much later. It took about ten minutes for the pain to subside, and for the tears to stop threatening. I kept smiling and making jokes, but - wow. There were apologies made, and I did accept graciously, and I did offer that I may have been too quiet in my request for a moment, but it's hard not to be "underneath" mad at someone who HIT YOU REALLY HARD IN THE HEAD. So I dealt with it.

There are my unexciting stories of my travels in the sorta-west. I have to say in addition that I did not enjoy three flights in three days. Especially the last one, which was delayed by over an hour. Especially galling was the sticker on the back of the headrest in front of me, telling about how in a few months, there would be monitor there, displaying video (and audio) entertainment that I COULD CONTROL! But for now, just sit here and stare at this stupid freaking little sticker. Have a nice flight!

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