Thursday, November 24, 2005

You know you wish you were me

Clearly, too much of my life is consumed with watching television.
People are talking about how they go out and do things after work, or watch movies on evenings during the week, and I think ‘Wow – how do they manage that? I don’t have nearly that much free time in the evenings.’ And then I realize that really, I do have that much time, but it’s all spent watching T – TV that’s on right then (like cartoons during dinner (6teen, Simpsons) or CSI reruns (yay for Spike TV) or silly sitcom reruns of Raymond (hate that it makes me laugh sometimes) or Seinfeld (which has become an integral part of society’s collective consciousness in a way that’s almost creepy)) or TV that was on last night, or the night before, and is now on tape.
Here’s my TV schedule – try to contain your horror and disgust.
8 pm – Simpsons (if it’s a new one)
9 pm – Family Guy (ditto)
10 pm – Grey’s Anatomy (MUST see, but taping is acceptable)

7 pm – (dinner hour) watch reruns OR Grey’s Anatomy on tape (If I already watched it, but it was a really good episode, I may watch it again, fast forwarding to the best scenes)
8 pm – Corner Gas
9 pm – Prison Break (I find this show almost painful to watch, because of the poor dialogue, some boring characters, and because my arms get tired suspending all that disbelief)

Tuesday (This is THE night for TV, which is inconvenient, because it’s also the only night I go out regularly – but what can you do? You can’t tell your discussion group, “Oh, no – Tuesday won’t work because House is on opposite Amazing Race, and I can only tape one at a time.”)
8 pm – Bones (this is an okay show, that I keep watching in hopes of better days)
9 pm – House (LOVE this show. Hugh Laurie always brings the snark, and he does it so well that I could melt – or punch him in the nose. I bow before the talent, at the very least)
And usually, Amazing Race is also on at 9 pm, which become problematic, as mentioned above. Luckily (?) this season is sucky, so I’m bypassing that. I’m a bit worried about next season, though, if it goes back to its usual awesomeness.

7 pm – Watch Bones and House from the tape, since I’m usually not home for them live. As with Grey’s Anatomy, I’ll rewatch an excellent (or even pretty good) episode if I’ve already seen it
9 pm – Lost

Thursday: (Another busy evening)
8 pm: Now, 8 pm on Thursday can be challenging. I’ll sometimes watch (or rewatch) TV from earlier in the week, especially Lost, if I taped it for some reason. If not, I’ll often watch ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, but it’s really just ‘eh’ for me. So sometimes I even have to find something to do that doesn’t necessarily involve the couch.
9 pm: CSI (Ah, that’s better)
10 pm: ER (still being watched, but now more out of loyalty than out of interest)

Friday: (Friday’s an easy night.)
9:30 pm: Hot Properties (which I do enjoy, but my main reason for watching is because Pamie writes for it, and I feel a strange connection to the show because of that)
And that’s my week. Sad but true. You can add to this schedule my reading of the TWOP recaps, each of which takes almost as much time as watching the show itself, and there are recaps for House, Prison Break, Grey’s Anatomy and Lost. Oh, and I download every week’s episode of Veronica Mars, because it’s not on any channel that I get. I haven’t watched many yet, but they’re there, waiting for me to get through the rest of my hectic, vicarious schedule.
And of course, you must add in the occasional Simpsons, Futurama, or Family Guy episode on Teletoon, plus every now and then I'll squeeze in some DejaVu type stuff, what with the Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie on the weekends.
I don’t know if I’ll survive Sweeps.

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