Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mental Health Day

So I'm sitting here, waiting for my landlord to come over with my new toilet seat so that I can then promptly hop in the car with my pot of jambalaya and my baguette tucked under one arm and hie me to Hamilton for Cell.

Thus endeth Sick Day. I took a Sick Day! My second ever! And I could have gone to work if I'd pushed myself, but I decided that I was tired of pushing myself, and the stupid cyst is finally nearing the end of the healing (go, go gadget antibiotics!) and the side effects are very irritating, and I just didn't want to go to work. So there. Despite the tendency to justify this over and over and a lingering feeling of guilt, I enjoyed my day. Got some shopping done, drained regularly (I know , you don't need to know that) and had the time to make dinner for 10. Good times.

I've been quite productive over the last few days. It all started on Sunday, with a knitting lesson at the Knit Cafe with Deena. We learned how to make baby toques (very cute). I had no baby to model on, so...

You can imagine how popular I was for this, and how many takes it took. But he's so darn cute.

Then, after working on the hat for a while, I was overcome by a fit of productivity, and made myself a needle case. It took about 3 hours, most of that spent trying to get the sewing machine to work, taking it apart, oiling it, rewinding the bobbin, untangling messes, only to discover that it was all the fault of my cheap-ass thread. Don't try to use cheap-ass thread in a sewing machine. Heartache, headache. Anyway, the fruit of my labour:

Pattern is from Stitch 'n' Bitch, pictured alongside. And here's what it does:

Note the needles. I am so excited about this thing it's unreasonable.
The same day, we learned to double knit, which is its own terribly exciting thing, that I will have to talk about later, because I'm late! (surprise!)

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