Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Let me geek out for a moment and talk about how much I love that I can check my voicemail at home over the internet. It starts with a little email in my hotmail inbox from Vonage, telling me that I have a new voicemail message waiting for me. The excitement is ignited. (Here's a small wish right here - I would like to be able to click within that email to get the message. It's such a small request - get on that, would you?)

Next, it's to my Vonage dashboard page, where I can see all of my calls in and out for the past several days. I click on the voicemail tab, and I see it. From a 416 number - who could it be? Not Mum, not Scott, not anyone in the Niagara area, not anyone much farther north than me. I click on the link, and the little box asks me if I'd like to open it or save it. Oh, you know I'm opening it. So it opens up in winamp, and I crank the volume (that's another little thing there - the files are a little quiet) and I learn that my weekend class at the Knit Cafe downtown will be starting at 9:30. So now I can reach over and pull my daybook towards myself and make a weekend entry.

So now how much have I revealed? I have shown that I am leaning to the geek. I have shown that I really don't get a lot of calls, or one little voicemail wouldn't interest me so. And I have shown that I have such an uneventful life that writing something on a page headed with 'Sunday' is a rare occurence, to be treasured and pondered over.

And here's another confession - I'm pretty sure I don't like Radiohead. I've read all kinds of people who love them, groove out to their melodic rhapsodies, let themselves be carried to the heights or the depths by the music, but I'm just not feeling it.

Moving on...

The snow has started. We've had a few false beginnings, where the snow looks heavy and thick, but disappears an hour later. Even last night, driving back through Oakville and Burlington, the snow seemed hard and fast, causing all the drivers to slow down - I think one person even tooted his horn at me for going too fast. I was going about 70, and the road was still pretty dry. I dread tomorrow morning, when it seems our time for descent into true Canadian winter will have come. We're supposed to get about 10 cm. I'm almost looking forward to going down to my car and not having to clean it off. No, I am definitely looking forward to that.

Okay, still struggling with the work focus thing. My goal is to work straight from now until 3:30 without a break (well, maybe a bathroom break, but that's it!). It did work last time, so my hopes are high.

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