Monday, November 21, 2005

Oh my darling

I just peeled two clementines and managed to pull both peels off in one piece each. I enjoy small victories.
I feel like I'm in trouble here. I went through weeks, months of work where I didn't have enough to do at work. I'd try to make up stuff for myself to do, only to be told that that wasn't part of my job, so I should drop it, or that that was really something we should get someone else to do - someone who had some time on their hands, seeing as I was so busy. Uh, yeah.
So where this has left me is in a very dangerous place. I've been spending so much time stretching and dragging out small projects so that they fill large chunks of time, that I'm now in the habit of not working. I finally have a week where I probably have enough to do to fill my time, and I'm having trouble getting off the web and getting down to business. Every random thought sends me off to Google random tidbits of fact or fiction, and every momentary lapse in concentration makes me wonder what's going on in the forum. Or whether I can peel a clementine in one whole piece.
This past weekend was a fun one. Marissa, Rosalie, Jen and I all met up and headed out to Guelph for Fair November, in what has become an annual tradition. Have to say we were all a bit disappointed in the fair - it seems to be smaller, with fewer vendors and less variety this year. But a great deal of our reason for the annual trek is our regular pilgrimage back to Guelph, seat of our memories of less complicated, but somehow fuller lives. Checking to see what colour the cannon is today (hey - I forgot to look), whether the bear is offering anything interesting to passersby (he wasn't), how far along all of the building and renovations have come. Looking back to the times when sleep was less important, money was more important (because of a severe lack) and our direction and purpose were clear.
And the Greek restaurant.
My goal today is to focus for at least one full hour. We'll see how that goes. So far - well, you're reading a blog entry, aren't you? Things can only improve.

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