Monday, October 31, 2005


It is Hallowe'en. And I have had a very full day, involving very little hallowe'eny content. Oh, and I've had much more wine than I'm used to, so this may be entirely incoherent - if you've found it and are interested, read this entry now - if it's illegible, it'll be deleted once I come to my senses.

The day began with my packing and leaving the house. I realise now that I did not pack correctly, and have only one pair of pants with a matching shirt for really two days of work/auditing. Oh, well. Maybe things aren 't as dire as they seem, and I'll figure it out in the morning.

Then it was off to work, where Deena and I (and Winston and Jen) got the Pancake breakfast up and out. Things went well, despite the pan of bacon determined to spit scalding grease at my face.

Then later it was off to the airport - blah, blah, blah. The plane ride. finally found something I can do on a plane - I can KNIT! But then I spent the whole trip worried about whacking the guys next to middle (go go middle seat!) with my uber long knitting needles. And there was the most disturbing shrieking, screaming child on the plane. No - not just a crying kid. I was scared to look behind me, because I was concerned that I would see not a cherubic face streaked with tears, but some kind of green skinned demon. I've never heard screams like that.

I remember having all these cool thoughts today, thinking that I'd like to get them down here, but you know - these days, drinking half a bottle of wine for me is like shaking an etch-a-sketch. Maybe something will come back tomorrow. For now, I am in Winnipeg. Tomorrow I go to an egg factory. Right now i deal with a bit of a tipsy outlook.

It's all good. Angel is on tv - funny. Carry on.

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