Friday, October 28, 2005

Ho Hum

It's Friday. And I have that Friday kind of aimless, focus-less, meandering kind of mindset. Do I have work to do? For a change - yes, yes I do. It's quite urgent, even. But eh. It will get done. Over and over, I've learned the lesson that I need a deadline and I need to be fairly close to that deadline to be effective and efficient.

Unfortunately, this is also affecting life outside work. I guess it's not just a Friday thing. I have laundry to do, and a house to clean because a friend is staying over Monday night - worse, I won't even be there because I'm flying to Winnipeg that day. So I feel like I need to clean the whole apartment because there's the chance that she could look anywhere if I'm not there - and that's not because I think she will, out of a sense of snoopiness or anything else, but because I envision all these weird scenarios where, because of some emergency or another, it becomes imperative to go into the very back reaches of my cluttered closet, or to reach through the dust-bunny population residing under my dresser to grasp at the elusive mysterious object that will somehow resolve the situation. Like the fire extinguisher rolled under there accidentally just before the cat catches fire. Or something.

In addition to my house chores (which are always being delayed and manipulated in any case) I also have to work on our United Way fundraising campaign. I (stupidly) had a "brilliant" idea of making personalized calendars to sell as part of our fundraising efforts. So now I have to make up two entirely different calendars this weekend using photoshop and word and excel alone, since publisher won't work for some reason. Whatever. The challenge is making it pretty. And another project also urgently requires attention - we're going to have little contests all week, involving puzzles and trivia, none of which have been prepared. And my partner in this endeavour is currently in Chicago until tomorrow, and then I'm in Winnipeg and then Saskatoon and when is any of this going to get done? We're going to go down in company history as the worst United Way campaign organizers ever. We'll burn down the tech centre during the pancake breakfast; we'll insult people's intelligence with the trivia; we'll make people sick eating oddly flavoured pickles.

Okay. Coming down. Everything will be fine. Especially if I start getting some work done now.

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