Thursday, October 06, 2005

Can I Be Good Cop? And The Dream

I was almost excited about going to inspect a plant where I knew I would find issues. I thought I'd get to be all bad-ass, hard-as-nails auditor lady.

But that's just not me. Writing this up is almost painful - I want to be understanding and friendly and helpful, but when I add up the numbers, it just doesn't work that way. I almost wish the people there had been rude to me - then I could tell them off with impunity. But, no - I have to accept that what I have to say will not be welcomed by anyone, really. I like to know that I can help a bit - but not a whole lot in this case.

Anyway, work is going painfully because of this, and the other less-than-fun items on my to-do list that I pushed to the end of the week and now have to tackle. I've ruined my own Thursday.

I'll just think of my pumpkin basket and pretty new coffee mug (that will be filled with hot chocolate) waiting for me at home. This is, of course, after all the annoying things that have to be done - particularly laundry. Man, I hate laundry.

I have a laundry dream. In my apartment, there is a chute where I drop down my clothes and sheets and towels that need to be cleaned. If there are stains or tears, I can pin on a little note asking for it to be taken care of. The next day, my clothes come back - freshly cleaned, ironed, and folded and sitting in a lovely little wicker basket left on my doorstep. Maybe a daisy laid on the top of the pile.

Dare to dream.