Wednesday, March 31, 2004

I'm getting very, very excited about the new apartment. I'm really worried about money, though. A couple of people at work were supposed to go to a conference next month, and it was kaiboshed by the higher-ups - and it had been budgeted! So, if a little $2000 trip is being rejected, then I really, really can't see a substantial raise being approved. Ick.

But enough about that. I'm getting a new apartment! With new, clean rooms and an intact ceiling, and laundry! I just hope I can afford it...

Okay, now the worry is overcoming the excitement. Must not allow it!

I've been trying to visualize the layout in the new place - where to put the bed, how to set up the living room and the spare room, and what's going to be going straight downstairs into storage.

I have too much stuff. I think eventually I'll maybe get rid of the big kitchen table and replace it with a side bench and some stools. Maybe I can sell the table at the September yard sale.

Okay, this is pointless. Excitement, hope, worry, panic, anxiety, then back to excitement. I feel that the next week and a half are going not going to be very restful.

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