Tuesday, March 02, 2004

I am so angry right now. I'm sick and tired of the people in the upstairs apartment - their guests are now parked in the driveway, blocking it so that I can't park in MY DRIVEWAY!!! They're so inconsiderate!! And I'm guessing that Anne is going to call tonight about March's rent. So, I'll most likely tell her that I'm leaving this apartment. It's not worth the aggravation. People going into my backyard, and even into my garage and taking things out and using them and leaving them out in the rain! I don't understand how people can think that this is okay! I'm so uncomfortable in this apartment. I feel like I have no privacy - people are constantly walking by my windows - that's not their fault, but it makes me uncomfortable. Then, just about every day, someone is parked in the driveway - blocking me in or out. I don't know how they think this is okay!!?!?!?

I'm sitting in the living room, wearing my coat, so that I don't sit down and settle in, because I have to go out and MOVE MY CAR INTO MY OWN FREAKING DRIVEWAY as soon as that bloody car moves. And it's doubly annoying, because the car is right outside my window - I can't look outside without seeing it.

And they've put a bloody great COUCH out on the side of the road. I'll bet that when the garbage collectors don't pick it up tomorrow morning, they'll put it into MY garage. It makes me want to scream with anger and cry with frustration. How hard is it to respect other peoples' boundaries? Really? I'm not asking for much, here, I don't think.

I'm not comfortable going up to their apartment and asking them to move the car - and I shouldn't have to.

I've never been comfortable in this apartment. I'm sorry I ever moved in.

Now I'm moving out.

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