Monday, March 01, 2004

And so another week begins.

Had a decent weekend - a lazy Saturday, movie rental, and then Sunday some shopping, then a movie (Dirty Dancing Havana Nights) and dinner with Rose, Marissa and Jen.

One regret - I didn't go to my discussion group on Friday. I had originally planned to leave work early, so that I could have a nap and be somewhat alert that night. But with the trials at work, and with Darren not there because he was sick, I couldn't leave early at all - ended up leaving late. And I was beat - again. Stupid. You'd think I was 60, and not 28!

Anyway, this week is one that I'm finding challenging to be positive about. One tech on vacation, and one tech training leaves me to do one and sometimes two lines - and today the line did NOT go smoothly. Lots of little problems. And lots of big ones, too. And stupid people who were not being helpful at all. I didn't let myself get mad at the time, but it's starting to come through. I called one person to let him know about the problems, and he hung up on me and called my boss to complain about me. Wow. Sounds even worse when I type it out, doesn't it? So, thanks to him and the other 'production' supervisor (talk about an ironic title), we now have a great deal of very valuable garbage sitting in the warehouse.

Whatever. 'Havana Nights' was about what I expected - a fun movie, not terrible, not terribly great. But an hour-and-a-half diversion. And fun to see with friends. Some bad actors, some good dancers, some bad scenes, some good music. Enjoyable.

Today was a tease of spring. It wasn't warm, but the bite was gone from the cold. And everything is melting, forming little pools of incredibly clear water surrounded by slick ice. Gives one hope, it does.

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