Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Okay, so - I lost my temper today at work and I yelled at someone. I apologized, but he's the kind of person who won't accept that as enough.

It's REALLY bothering me. First, that I blew it like that, and second - well, I'm having trouble coming up with second, actually. It bothers me that I lost my temper, that I said something I shouldn't have, that I did it in front of other people, that everyone in the plant will have their opinion of me changed (because you just know it's going to get around)...

This will keep me up tonight.

And that might be what bothers me most!! Why?!? Why am I so _bad_ at dealing with things like this? I've lost sleep for days when faced with other confrontations. It's absolutely ridiculous that it should affect me like this. My stomach is in knots and it has been all day.


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