Saturday, July 19, 2003

I just got home.

I went out to lunch with Rosalie and Marissa in St. Catharine's, then tooled all over the Niagara/Hamilton/Burlington region in quest of scrapbooking supplies. I want to do something good with my Paris and Belgium pictures. And after spending that much money on some very basic supplies, I'd better keep taking pictures.

Not a problem.

I also spotted an apartment for rent in Binbrook. It's 2 bedrooms, and the rent is $600/month plus utilities. It bears thinking about. I'm going to be going to see it tomorrow night. I think I'll bring the camera, so I can keep the details fresh.

It's such a hard decision - moving farther away from work seems so backward, but I really don't enjoy living in Dunnville. But will my life change by moving 25 minutes away? The only benefit will be being closer to my cell group - but we haven't even met in months!

But there are other advantages. I'll be closer to amenities - like movie theatres, video rental places, malls, stores etc. I'll have to keep thinking about it. There's a lot to consider. Including the whole rigarmarole of moving - giving notice, having everything moved, changing over utilities. And then I'll be spending more on gas, too. But hopefully less on heating.

I'll leave this decision until after I see the apartment. Maybe I'll love it - maybe I'll hate it. Either way, it will push me in some direction.

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