Saturday, July 26, 2003

Another sleepy Saturday.

I'm going to be starting a 7pm to 7 am shift Sunday night, so I stayed up very late last night, then slept in until 12:30 today. Ick. Too much sleep and too much tv makes Kirstie something something.

But I'm hoping today won't be a total washout. I'm going to go return last night's movies and maybe pick up another, and maybe I'll do some grocery shopping.

Yes, I live on the edge.

The edge of the middle of nowhere. There's really nothing else to do here, besides leave. Maybe I should sign up for ceramics classes or something. I have to DO something that gets me out of this house.

I stumbled across a blog that I find intriguing. It's a guy who's introspective and quotes people like Kierkegaard and C.S. Lewis and (as far as I can tell from the little I've read so far) is a Christian who appears to be struggling with making that a part of his daily life. I must read more.

I got to a point fairly recently where I thought I was being too introspective - where, whenever I took some time to think deeply about anything, it involved myself, my feelings, my development as a human being. Now, I think I've gone too far in the direction of just not thinking at all abstractly. Ah, well, to strive to be better is to live, is it not?

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