Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday From the Couch

I've indulged in yet another lazy Saturday. I sat curled up on my little loveseat, cat rolled into a furry, snoring ball next to me, with my laptop and knitting in turn taking up the space on my lap.

I've finished all but the seaming and fastenings on a baby kimono from Mason Dixon Knitting. I have a lot of baby knitting to do this year, and it's about time to get started. Jodi is due in early September (she likes to say she will be in labour on Labour Day), Chrystal is due in June, and Cathy was supposed to be due in April.

Apparently, however, conditions were a bit cramped and the little ones decided to make a break for it before things got any tighter. Cody and Emily arrived on March 9th. The proud grandma has set up a blog to keep everyone updated on the early arrivals, and you should definitely go and check it out if you like pictures of very cute babies. Here's a taste.

Cody and EmilyThe evening has been spent half-watching Titanic on TBS while I back up my cd collection. It's a trip back to the nineties for me, with cds by The B-52s, Frente, Blind Melon, and Great Big Sea. I realised the other day that it has been maybe years since I listened to any of my cds, and that's a shame. So into mp3s they all go. Then I can put away the cds, probably for good.

And yes, I'm counting this as part of spring cleaning.

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jennifer said...

they are so incredible! congraulations to the family!! i remember when ours were that little (and i remember those feeding tubes, too). hope they are thriving and everyone is adjusting - love love!