Sunday, March 11, 2007

Good News and Critters

This was a glorious weekend, in a way that only the first sunny, warm days of the year can be.

The weekend started out with a quick drive down to Windsor with Jen. I make the three and a half hour drive down the flat, uninteresting stretch of 400-series highways often, and it was nice to have someone in the car with me for a change.

This was our goal:

Jen came to adopt Tulsa and take her home to become part of her family.

We also took advantage of the wonderful, warm Saturday to go out and play with the critters in the barn.

While we were visiting Ken and Jodi, I got some more very good news. Jodi handed me a bag full of baby yarn. She's expecting in September. And expecting a blanket some time before that.
I like weeks this full of good news.

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