Friday, March 28, 2008

The Socks that Ravelry Saved

I started these socks a while back. I was heading to Minneapolis for a work meeting, and I knew I'd have lots of plane and airport time. I liked the pattern, and I liked the yarn, but I didn't feel like they were playing well together.

Close Up of a Sock Failure

I set the sock's status to 'hibernating' in my Ravelry projects, stuck the sock itself in an easily-forgotten corner of my stash shelves, and moved on. But a funny thing happened on the way to the frog pond. Somebody 'favourited' the sock. The sight of that little heart in the corner gave me pause, but didn't really change my mind. I still wasn't entirely happy with the yarn/pattern combo, and didn't want to let one random person's click change my decision.

But then someone else favourited it. And then so did another person. (And then someone 'un-favourited', but by then the damage was done.)

So here are the finished Little Pumpkins socks.
Finished Pumpkins

I think I was too hard on them. They've turned out quite nice. And a rarity for my socks that I knit for myself - they fit perfectly!

I screwed up the toes when I forgot what I'd done exactly to finish the first off and made a (bad) guess at how to finish the second. But that's one of those things that will only ever be noticed by me. And only then when I have my shoes off. I can live with it.

Pumpkins Close Up

Pattern: Little Pumpkins Socks (that's a pdf link) by Sabine Ruppert (Sabi on Ravelry).
Yarn: Austermann Step in colourway 12
Mods: Just the toe, which I finished with a bit of Kitchenering, rather than pulling the last stitches together and tying off. (I... I like Kitchener stitch. There! I admitted it!)


Veronique said...

Cute! I like the mini cables :)

IrishgirlieKnits said...

Those are gorgeous!! Isn't it amazing what those little hearts can do! So glad you finished them!

Brigitte said...

Oh, those are great! It's a good thing you finished them! And I love the colour - orange and purple is such a yummy combo.

Yvette said...

So pretty. The colours are a delight. Aren't you glad you finished them?