Sunday, March 02, 2008

Orange Sunday

Today was a good Sunday.

I got up when I woke up sometime before 8 o'clock. I puttered about. (Isn't puttering a lovely, Sunday-ish thing to do? And it's a wonderful, charming word that could have only the meaning that it does.)

I had a Sunday breakfast of eggs and toast. I treated myself to new, yummy shower stuff.

I threw on my favourite, orange hoody and then puttered some more. This time, the puttering included a new project. It's not orange.

This will hopefully be my first sweater.

WIP Left front Nathalie

It's the Natalie coat from Big Girl Knits. Of course, it was only after I started it that I bothered to check the difficulty level - the highest in the book. I'm trying not to be intimidated by the numbers and the different things that all have to happen at the same time. I've done the waist shaping, which was very straightforward - follow these directions - and am now preparing for the short row shaping for the bust, which is not quite so straightforward.

When I couldn't handle being stuck on my couch for another moment, I headed out the door and to the coffee shop on the corner. Walking in, I was instantly seduced by the chocolate orange latte on the poster and soon had one of my own to take to the good, cushy armchair by the fireplace. I settled in with my Little Pumpkins sock and the latest Cast On and was soon joined by an older gentleman and his Macbook and own set of earbuds. (A better blogger would have a picture here.)

As I packed up to leave, the gentleman in the other chair shared with me his sweet knitting memory, that he told me I'd invoked. When he was little, he had the mumps, and so was stuck in bed for quite a long time. His mother taught him to knit to pass the time, and he cast on 16 stitches and just knit and knit and knit. By the time he was well, he had a long, rambling, uneven piece. He said it was a good memory.

I walked home, stopping to pick up some bell peppers and nectarines. It made me smile to see the summer colours in my net bag as I walked past snow drifts and through icy puddles of melt. I came home to my couch and my knitting, and settled in with my latest movie from

And now I'm here, finishing off the evening with a recap, sitting in my pyjamas and warm socks, listening to the distant hum of traffic, and the occasional rumble of a train.

Some days it's easy to be happy.


charlotte said...

That sounds like a fantastic day!

evilsciencechick said...

sounds like a lovely day :)

the natalie coat is gorgeous! it's definitely on my to do list, and the color you've picked out is beautiful! can't wait to see it done.

Tweeter said...

Isn't satsuma the best smelling thing EVER?!?

Brigitte said...

It's hard not to be happy with Satsuma anything! How did you get it for free?! (Which just makes things better.)