Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gifts from Me

Like most of my birthdays, today has been largely uneventful. But full of little pleasures.

I got my new phone in the mail yesterday, and played with it in the car, syncing it up with the voice commands.


I got myself a cute little pair of shoes on sale.

cute shoes

I had a reeeallly good shrimp burrito for dinner.

The 5 inch bamboo needles I bought on eBay finally arrived.

Bamboo Needles

And, thanks in large part to Facebook, I'm sure, (because that's helped me a lot recently!) I had many, many birthday wishes.

The day will round out with a little knitting and a little leftover cheesecake. Not a bad day at all.
Birthday Cheesecake


Chelle said...

Happy Birthday!!! Many happy returns!

The shoes are adorable!

melanie said...

Happy Birthday! (Although a day late!) Facebook makes me laugh re: birthday wishes, I have never known of so many birthdays in my life.

Those shoes will go great with the Pomatomus socks.

*melanie from

charlotte said...

Glad you had a good birthday! Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

Brigitte said...

Aw, Happy belated Birthday! You know, doing what you want really is the BEST present! And those shoes are pretty cute too.


LadyLungDoc said...

Belated Happy Birthday!