Monday, March 31, 2008

Knitting by Candlelight

Thanks, everyone, for the birthday wishes. One fun advantage to being on Facebook, in Ravelry, and part of the blogosphere is all the extra people sending happy birthdays.

On Saturday, I joined in with all the other people around the world who turned off the lights for Earth Hour. Before eight o'clock, I had been sitting in the twilight, knitting and goofing around on the laptop. At five to, (ironically) I had to turn on the lights to run around and find candles and matches.

Bamboo lantern

At first, I sat in the candlelight and kept goofing around on the laptop - running on the battery. But that didn't really feel like I was getting into the spirit of the thing, and so after a few minutes, I shut down and picked up my knitting.

Salt Candle

I had plenty of candles and lanterns, but it was still kind of dark for knitting. Luckily, these are the Pomatomus socks being reknit, so I don't need to see what I'm doing very closely, or check the chart very often.


It was very peaceful, sitting in the quiet, dim light. I ended the evening without turning on any lights, reading by candlelight before falling asleep early. I may have to unplug more often. If nothing else, just to use my candles and lanterns more often.


charlotte said...

Hey, I quite agree - at least with making sure I light my candles more often. I did last night because it was such a gray day. (I did keep the power on though:)

Brigitte said...

It was a great experiment, wasn't it? I think I may also have to start doing it every so often. I think it's good for the soul and Mother Earth!