Sunday, July 01, 2007


How I wish I could share with you my perfect Sunday afternoon.

When I was younger, I used to dream of a secret spot. In the woods near my home, I imagined a little "me-shaped" nook at the base of a tall tree, sheltered and shady, by the side of a cool, shining stream. A place where I would go to be on my own, by myself, with myself. I would have hiding places for favourite books and chipped teacups and old, worn cushions.

And then one time I went home to visit, and walked past the place where my secret spot would have been, waiting for me. And the mighty forest, with its tall, mysterious tree giants and hidden paths... was gone.

It had only ever been a small grove of trees - richer and deeper in imagination and daydreams.

Today I am thinking of that wonderful nook that existed only in my mind and heart.

Today I found a little, perfect space at the base of a shading willow, beside the river, surrounded by flowers and tall grasses.

There are swans and geese paddling by, looking hopefully at me and my bag and gliding by resignedly and quietly. The sunlight is filtering through the delicate leaves, patterning me with amorphous, restless lace, full of movement. There is a gentle breeze touching my skin and carrying the scents of water and flowers and green, growing things.

Right now, I can't imagine a more perfect Sunday afternoon.

Happy Canada Day. I wish you your own "you-shaped" nook - be it in your dreams or in your backyard.


kmkat said...

What a lovely post. And I covet your red shoes.

Janelle said...

Oh, I know how you feel. I grew up in Bellingham, Washington, surrounded by forests. We had a hike we used to take through the woods to a pond where we'd picnic in the summer and play hockey in the winter. It was, as you say, a perfect spot. I went back to Bellingham after being gone for 15 years, and those woods had been replaced by houses. The pond was still there, but was full of grass and reeds and was no longer the idyllic place that it was. It was a sad moment to realize that my perfect spot now exists only in my memory. I am glad that you have found a new perfect spot, it looks and sounds simply lovely.