Wednesday, July 04, 2007

It's Happening Again

I somehow find myself with Clapotis #4 on the needles. And this time with a deadline.

My aunt and uncle will be making the long, long trek from New Zealand to visit with us here in sunny (?) Ontario. I've known about this visit for a while now. Months, in fact. Of course, it was only two weeks ago that I decided I should knit a gift for my aunt. This is like all my school assignments, ever.

I decided to knit another clapotis. For some reason. Well, one reason is that I've been hankering to do up one of these in a variegated yarn. My biggest problem, though, was my colour choices. I haven't seen this particular aunt in many, many years, and so have no idea of her colour preferences. So I wanted to do something in an inoffensive, bordering-on-neutral colourway.

I tend to pick... unconventional colours and combinations. This I've been informed, both subtly and blatantly, though usually with love. So I dragged my friend Jen to the LYS with me after work one day so that she could veto as appropriate. I picked up many skeins, showing them hopefully to Jen, asking, "Is this normal?", and being told, "Nope. Not so much."

Marshgrass wound2

We finally agreed on a colourway called Marshgrass, full of tawny greens and highlighted with pinks and purples. It's a mercerized cotton, and I'm really enjoying it.

It's going pretty well, overall, after a couple of false starts. I had completed the increase section and was well into the straight rows, when I noticed I'd missed some repeats, and frogged the whole thing to start over.

Clapotis July 1 on lap

Because I was using such a lightweight yarn, I had decided to use the smallest of the Denise set, which is a 3.75 mm. But I found that the yarn kept snagging on the join, so I decided that it was time for an upgrade. Maybe I was just looking for an excuse - I got my very first Addi Turbos. Lace, even. They're working great, but I think I have poor knitting technique, because the pointy ends are just tearing my fingertips to bits. I've finally developed enough of a callous that I stop breaking the skin, at least.

And now, I'm finally at a point where I think I can finish on time. A couple of day-long meetings and lots of tv and movie time have really helped.

Clapotis July 1

My poor fingers needed a break from the torture of the lace needles, and so I finished off another little project over the weekend. And it was a lot of fun. But that's some stealth knitting, that will have to wait a bit to be shared. But you can see it on Ravelry, if you're around.


Miss Muffy said...

I'm loving my addi lace needles! (I have tough fingertips from playing guitar so I didn't even notice the pokey-poke.) You're making me want to knit another clap!

kmkat said...

I've been avoiding the Addi lace needles for that reason. That and the fact that I Don't Do Lace. My KnitPicks Options are pretty pointy, although not dangerously so.

What yarn is that? It looks like the perfect thing for a late summer Clapotis for me. (H.S. reunion in August, must have fabulous hand-knit item to wear.)

Yosemite said...

I've used the Addi lace needles and I love them. The joins are amazing. The Knit Picks needles are pointy as well and I had the same problem with I first started using them. Your hands will get used to them. Either that or you will figure out a different way to work with the needles so the points don't bother you.

evilsciencechick said...

OK, can you believe I've never done a clapotis?

Yes. I'm the one.

But I have a crapload of knitpicks laceweight from a previous failed lace endeavor, so I'm considering casting on for one.

Janelle said...

Ooh, I love that yarn for a Clapotis! I join evilsciencechick in never having knit one myself. I think part of my problem is that I want to find the absolute perfect yarn, and so far I just haven't been able to decide what that is. I love yours!