Monday, July 16, 2007

The Elephant in the Room

I finished a little project a couple of weeks ago, and am glad that I can finally share it now that it's been gifted.

This is Eloise.

This is the first toy I've knitted, and I really enjoyed it. I liked the feeling of bringing a little creature into being. When I stitched the second eye into place, I felt like I was meeting a new little person. And her name was Eloise, for some reason. (Have I mentioned that I live above the garage? It may be I am affected by fumes.)


Eloise is knit in Knitpicks Shine Sport, in Cloud colour, and following the Lovable Toys pattern in Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Aside from errors, I didn't deviate from the pattern except in yarn substitution. I wanted something that would be a little more forgiving of baby substances than the alpaca that the pattern called for. The ears turned out much floppier than expected, but I love them. They're soft, and I'm sure will be good to chew on, when the time comes.

This is Chelsea.
I hadn't had a chance to meet Chelsea yet, to ask what kind of animal she'd like. So I went with the elephant, because I know Chelsea's mum, Chrystal, is a big fan. Chelsea seems okay with this.

They're pretty well-matched in size, so far.Eloise and Chelsea scale

Eloise is far from perfect, but I like to think that Chelsea likes her anyway.

Eloise and Chelsea faces


Yosemite said...

I am sure that Chelsea loves her. An adorable elephant knit with love. What's not to love?

charlotte said...

I think that Eloise is the perfect name for the elephant!! And Chelsea is a beautiful baby.

Chrystal said...

Chelsea LOVES her elephant :) Thanks Auntie!

kmkat said...

Chelsea + Eloise = Adorable.

Janelle said...

OMG, that is the cutest baby EVER... oh, and the elephant is cute, too!