Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I've been tagged! Chelle has invited me to share six weird things about me. Some would say choosing just six will be the challenge, but they would be mean-spirited, now wouldn't they?

Okay, here goes:

1. My heritage is entirely Scottish. Both of my parents are from Scotland (Mum from Glasgow, Dad from Edinburgh). I even spent several months living in Glasgow a few years ago. Despite all this, I cannot speak in a Scottish accent to save my life. I think this may be put down to plain old stubborness. Because until I started kindergarten, I had a Scottish accent.

(I just remembered - I do tend to have a bit of an accent when I am very tired or drunk. I also use bigger words when I am tired or drunk. No idea why. My inner drunk is a Scot?)

2. When eating french fries from a fast food place, I hold a little packet of ketchup and carefully apply to each fry as I pick it up. I didn't even know I was doing this until it was pointed out to me. They taste better that way.

3. I am allergic to cantaloupe. It makes my mouth all itchy and my tongue feel thick. Why must every fruit salad contain cantaloupe? Or, if it doesn't have cantaloupe, then it has blueberries, which are also vile. (Is that weird?)

4. I have trouble remembering my birthday. Way back when I was little, we had a neighbour whose birthday was the day before mine, and I got them confused and now I always have to stop and think about it before I can answer.

5. When I was two years old or so, I had tonsillitis so severe that I stopped breathing for over two minutes. I'm better now.

6. I sleep with six pillows. Two of them go on my head and face. Again, didn't realise this was something I did until someone came in to my room to wake me up a few years ago and asked why I had a pillow over my head. At that point, though, I was only using three pillows. Things are much better now.

(One body pillow at the head of the bed, two normal pillows on top of that (I sleep with my head between them), one throw pillow to hold onto, one throw pillow on my head, covering my ear, and one throw pillow slightly to one side of the one on my head, blocking out any stray light)

I think those things are all weird enough to count.

I'm just going to tag anyone who feels like taking a moment to count the ways they're a little off.


Marissa7234 said...

Shall I dare to say that random thing #5 might be the root of all your weirdness :) It sure would help me sleep better at night. LOL.

Elizabeth said...

I have to block out all the light when I sleep too but I use an eye shield like you see in those movies from the 60's. Mine says "Out of service" on one side. I'm not going to tell you what the other side says...

Vaedri said...

Hee! I just had to look it up - I found it on eBay. I approve. :)