Friday, February 09, 2007

Bien Sur

La pamplemousse est sur la table.
... Later ...
It's been pointed out to me that ce n'est pas une pamplemousse - c'est un ananas. Apparently, what little grasp I had of the French language upon graduation from high school has worn off. Oddly enough, though, I often buy grapefruit flavoured pop, and I know very well what it says on the other side of the can. I'm going to call it a brain fart and move on.
Anyway, for years, I've had this phrase running through my head, popping up anytime I see the word 'pamplemousse' or a pineapple (which is stupid). It occurred to me recently that I have no idea where this came from. It's been in my mind for so long, I thought it was 'a saying', or a phrase learned in French class many years ago.
I finally looked it up when I had on my desk (not) a pamplemousse. It turns out that it's a line from the play "Seven Stories" by Morris Panych . This was a play that our high school put on in grade 11 or 12. I was helping with the lighting, and so I heard the line repeated many, many times.
It's funny how things can stick in your brain for so long that it's just part of your thought processes.


Chelle said...

Je m'excuse, mais je pense que c'est un ananas.

N'est-ce pas?

Vaedri said...

Um. Yes. :) Wow. That's pretty bad. My high school French has abandoned me.

goyston said...

Hi! I am a grade ten student in Toronto. I was, in fact, just in a school production of 7 Stories. (It closed last night.) I just googled "la pamplemouuse est sur la table" to see what popped up and, behold, your blog. Crazy! =)