Sunday, February 18, 2007

Babies Are Fun to Shop For

Okay, lots has been happening - nothing in the way of news, but more like the little bits that fill up the end of the newscast. Fluff. All the good (and not so good) stuff that fills in your life between Events.
I've been down to Windsor twice in the past week, and I'm just getting kind of worn out. I've also been knitting like a mad person, trying to finish gifts and get hats done. And I did get it all done, despite broken cables and yarn shortages.

Last weekend, I came down for Cathy's baby shower. When Cathy first announced she was pregnant, I was ready. I had had an inkling of a baby-premonition, and had recently finished a Baby Love blanket. It was waiting patiently, carefully folded in my gift drawer. I do love this pattern.

Then she found out it was going to be twins. One a boy, and the second unknown (at the time). I wanted to try out a different pattern, not only for variety, but also because I don't really like absolute matching of belongings between twins. They will be unique individuals and I wanted them to have unique gifts.

So I cast on Fibercrack, from JenLa, in a basic, blue and white dishcloth cotton (Bernat handicrafter). I wanted something beautiful, but also considerate of the tendency of babies to throw up a lot.

This was another fun pattern, and I was surprised at how similar it was to Mum's old Baby Love pattern, but came out looking so different.

(I was trying here to say something about the similarity between the patterns using a lot of the same steps and techniques, yet coming out so different, and the twins having the same basic genetic material and yet will end up being two different people, while still being a lot like one another, and could not make it sound profound or poetic in any way. Moving on.)
The shower itself was fun, with people I haven't seen in a long time, fun food, fun games (like REAL fun games, not baby shower "fun" games) and a lot of gabbing. By the time the invitations were sent out, Cathy had a 'best guess' on the sex of the second twin, so the party was all pink and blue. The best of both worlds. We - all the "aunts" - can buy BOTH the frilly dresses and the cute little corduroy overalls.
Here are a few pictures from the shower, and there are lots more in the Flickr set.

The cutest little cupcakes. So... much... cuteness...

Two of the books I picked up for the kids - these are definite must haves.

More later - tired.

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Kirsty said...

Great choices on the two must-have books for babies! I give Love You Forever to every new parent too.

The blankets are fabulous too. Is the pattern for that one available?